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Martini is the World's Number 1 Sparkling Wine Brand



With a legacy enduring more than 150 years, MARTINI® was the brand to shape the aperitivo occasion in the world and has become an icon of Italian quality and style.
This has been reinforced by awards released over 2019, with the IWSR rankings that Martini Sparkling wines continue to lead the way:

  • Martini is the world’s number 1 Italian sparkling wine brand by volume in the world.  
  • Martini is the world’s third largest sparkling wine brand by volume trailing only Rotkappchen and Freixenet·  
  • Martini is the only Brand within the top 10 not being owned or distributed by a wine organization (which makes this accomplishments even more remarkable).  
  • Martini Asti is the number 2 Italian product trailing La Marca Prosecco.
  • Italian sparkling wine’s continue to grow and have reinforced the leadership within sparkling wine producing countries. As a consequence Martini is the world’s  number 1 sparkling wine brand from the world’s number 1 sparkling wine producing country.

For more information you can visit https://www.theiwsr.com/ and https://www.martini.com/